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Our Story


Owner, CEO, and Haircare professional, Monique Renee Fulks, is no stranger to adversity by any means, but has somehow always managed to overcome each circumstance with style, grace, and class.


In 2014, Monique was blessed to deliver a precious baby boy! A few weeks after coming home, her son began to experience uncomfortable skin irritations that seemed to progress as the days went by. Everything Monique tried would irritate his fragile and sensitive skin, and the doctors didn’t seem to know what was wrong nor interested enough to really find out. That’s when Monique took matters into her own hands. After speaking with a friend, she was encouraged to make skincare products on her own! With a little research, much prayer, and a little trial and error, Monique was able to create a skin cream that not only helped to relieve and clear up her son’s skin irritations, but also had others wanting to try!


A few months later, Monique began to experience sudden hair loss. She assumed that it was postpartum shedding and figured that it would stop on its own. Months went by but her hair kept coming out and now there were noticeable bald spots. She decided to cut her hair and made a trip to the doctor where she was later diagnosed with stage 2 Thyroid Cancer. While still experiencing hair loss of her own, Monique began to notice that a number of her salon clients were experiencing thinning, shedding and hair loss as well! She knew that she needed to create a solution not only for herself, but for those who graced her chair also.  Again, Monique prayed, researched, and created a growth oil that became the hair loss remedy for thousands of men and women to date!


Through these challenging events, BRAVE Essentials was born, and the mission has remained the same since the beginning. To empower others to be true to themselves and to inspire them to overcome adversity. To always remember to “Be Bold, Be Beautiful….Be BRAVE.”

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